I never knew this would be so much work!!! Love it, though.

This whole concept for this film was created on a ride to a gig (I’ve been a comedian for ten years) with two others in the comedy circle. I offhandedly mentioned making a documentary with a cross-country trip. Then a few ideas got shot around. I was going to the Ice House that night, where I bumped into Jimmy Piertragallo. I had known him for about 8 or 9 years, but I hadn’t seen him for 7. His wife had a baby, so his job was to be there for his family. He came back out last Spring to do comedy again. I was so excited to see him!

So, We were sitting on a bench outside the show and I started telling him about it. I don’t think I even got through the whole explanation when he said “I’ll do it!”

That conversation was in August. Since then, we’ve met at least once a month, but usually it’s twice, to get the wheels in motion. We had to come up with not only a name for the film, but a name for us as a company. I then had to come up with an itinerary.

That was the tough part: Choosing which donors I would visit. Since this whole kidney crusade started with a tweet, Social Media played a big part in it. I’m in a couple living donor groups on Facebook. I’ve become friends with some of them and some are even on Twitter. I’ve spoken to a few on the phone. They are my friends. My kidney sisters. (there aren’t a lot of men who are active in the groups for some reason.)

We finally started to raise funds at the beginning of the year. We had comedy shows. We had shirts made. (https://socialmediastolemykidney.com/donatebuy-a-shirt/) I’ve made a trip to the post office every day this week! They are really awesome and you should buy one, too. Everyone loves them and I wore mine every day last week. I wear it everywhere, because I need to spread the word!

It’s coming together. It’s becoming real. I just wish it were May 1st already! I’m working 20 hours a week on this, plus running my own business and attempting to have a life. I’m so glad, though, that we started everything 6 months ago. I like that I can have the time to think things through while working on it. I’m getting a LOT of help from a couple of people. I’m posting this page EVERYWHERE.

It’s happening. Soon!!!


5 thoughts on “I never knew this would be so much work!!! Love it, though.

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  2. Bill Meadows

    Hi Amy,
    My name is Bill Meadows and I’m one of the guys you can call a kidney brother. In June 2011, my wife received a kidney through a six pair exchange and the change it made in our lives is beyond words. So when she went for her checkup in June 2012, I decided to be tested to donate one of mine. Late last year I got the call and my kidney flew from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to Arizona. I don’t know who received it but I can only hope it’s making a difference in someone’s life. This whole life-changing experience has caused my wife and I to consider moving to Rochester to just volunteer however we can. Cheers to you for donating and best of luck with the film!!

  3. Felicia

    Hi Amy,

    Great post!! It is very inspiring to see others so passionate about making a difference. After my brother was diagnosed 30 years ago with kidney disease at the age of 3 and we literally brought him home expecting him not to make it many days… a miracle happened and he’s still with us today. However, his kidneys took a turn for the worse again about a year and half ago and he’s in need of a transplant. I have since been educating myself and my family about organ donation, and kidney disease in general. It is effecting so many lives and the numbers aren’t slowing down.

    You and the rest of the living donors in this world are truly blessings. I myself will be going through some tests as well to see if I can be a living donor for my brother and if not a match I will gladly participate in the shared program. (Praying for good health so I can pass all tests) 🙂

    I am excited to follow you on this journey and can’t wait for this bad boy to blow up and change many many more lives!!

    Thanks lady!!!

    Love & Blessings
    Felicia Team #iKIDyounot

    1. fabamy

      Thanks for ALL you support, Felicia! I have a good feeling about this and how it will affect people like your brother for many years to come!


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