What’s your legacy?


To most people, it’s having and raising amazing children that go on to be amazing people. I don’t have kids. I will be 42 next week, and it’s not likely I will ever have them. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. So, this film will be my legacy.

I’m angry. Anger sparks my passion. I’m angry at the lack of awareness of live organ donation. But what I’m lacking in even more is the failure of awareness of donors. I don’t mean we need a trophy. I mean nobody talks about the donors.

There’s no foundation to mentor donors. There is nothing out there as an organization of donors to help raise awareness. To educate the public on what it’s like to donate. To give more attention to something that is so easy and will cut the number of people on dialysis. Yes, dialysis is there, and it works. But how about ending it for more people with a kidney?

I’m angry that I didn’t know how easy this was, or I would have done it long ago. Of course, I’m quite happy with my kidney being inside TinyMom, because I adore her. It’s an unbelievable connection!

I’ve always been the “Well, if it’s gonna get done right, I’d better do it” person. That’s why I’m making this film. I’ll never shut up about it, either. I’m going to get emails from around the world from people who are testing to donate. Or already have. Because of a movie. Because of all these donors who have agreed to be in the movie. They’re agreed to talk about something so personal, but we love to talk about it.

My legacy? Opening up people’s minds, which will open their hearts, and then their guts. To donate a kidney.

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  2. Pam

    Donor awareness is ever so important for all types of organs. Kidneys are the most needed then on down to Liver etc. There is so much one person can do to save the life of another. I too hope and pray for more advocacy for Living Donors out there. I personally had to search for myself to find the wonderful people I have found. Like you Amy and many more like you. You though have the talents to put it in film,voice, comedy and all sorts of ways. I admire your work.
    I am proud to be a part of the Living Organ Donor ” Society” =)


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