#kidneychat is every Monday night on Twitter. We alternate start times between the East & West coasts. It starts at 8pm! We change it every other week between the East coast and the West coast.

Here is how you participate in a chat on Twitter:

There are many, many chats on Twitter for people to participate in. They are found by knowing what the hashtag for the chat is. For example, I know on Tuesday evenings, there is an #smmanners chat. It’s a discussion of Social Media manners. Chats are awesome because you can learn a lot from people you may not normally interact with.

So, once you know what the hashtag is, you can search the hashtag and jump in. What I prefer, though, is to go to tweetchat.com. You log in with Twitter, enter the hashtag of the chat, and see what everyone is saying. Every tweet you send out while using will automatically include the hashtag.

If you use Tweetdeck (not sure how other third-party apps work), you can add a column with the hashtag.

Always remember (except for when you use tweetchat.com) to add the hashtag into your tweet for others to see.

2 thoughts on “#kidneychat

    1. fabamy Post author

      You’re right, Carol! I don’t want it to be something overwhelming for people who are either new to Twitter, or new to chats. Thank you! 🙂


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