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Day 7: We made it a week so far!

I told myself that I would blog every day, as we travel. Well, that obviously didn’t work out. We’ve been pretty exhausted once we get to whatever hotel we are staying at every night. We aren’t pushing ourselves too much, and most days the driving is 8 hours or less. Thankfully, we are in Minneapolis right now, and go to Chicago tomorrow. After that, the daily drives are all 6 hours or less.
We had an AWESOME time in Salt Lake City, interviewing Tori. I didn’t realize how similar our stories are! Her mother died of cancer, as did my father. It really hit me when she said that, which was in front of the local ABC affiliate’s camera. (You can watch that interview here: ABC4 in Salt Lake City ). Her recipient, John, was also there. We didn’t tell people they had to have their recipient there, but they really want to get involved. We had such a great time that I didn’t want to leave. Tori had gotten us rooms at the Peery Hotel. It was haunted! I had a nightmare that night that I walked into my room and saw a blond lady ghost sitting across the end of my bed. I’m not even afraid of ghosts. It was definitely the most comfortable bed of the trip! I loved meeting her family, and her husband has an awesome sense of humor.


Then, we headed to Denver on Sunday. Talk about a brutal drive! Not only was it cloudy and windy, but we had to drive through Wyoming. I am never going to that state again as long as I live! There was absolutely nothing to look at! We had a nightmare of a stop at a truck stop, where it took us 15 minutes to get two cheese burritos from the Taco Bell. It’s a story I’d be happy to tell on camera! When we finally reached the state line to Colorado, our moods lifted. We checked in, slept, and got up yesterday morning to meet Laura in the park. Her recipient, Al, was also joining us. He took a 8-hour train ride to get there! Laura and I both had a lot of drama to deal with for our testing. We both have a really snarky sense of humor, too. Seeing their relationship as donor/recipient reminded me a lot of me and TinyMom.

Me and Laura

Every time we leave one of the donors, I get a little sad. I wish I had more time with each of them. On the other hand, I have places to visit people and more people to have in Phoenix!

Nervous, excited, scared, humbled

The past week or so has really sucked. On Friday the 21st of December, I woke up with a sore throat. I went out to a comedy show that night, and didn’t feel sick. I just had a sore throat. I woke up the next day with the full-blown flu.

My parents were already at my sister’s house in Orange County, and I was to drive there the 23rd or 24th. It never happened, as the flu got worse. I felt like I had been run over by a steam roller. I was just exhausted and my neck hurt for a day. I took really good care of myself by sleeping a lot. I had an appetite, so I just kept eating. I used my neti pot every day and gargled with warm salt water. I think all of that is what helped me. Though I was sick for 7 days, I didn’t feel like I was on death’s door. I was just SO tired and a little weak. I missed Xmas with my family, which sucked. I love my niece, Olivia, so much! She’s almost 10 now and she stayed with me for a week this past summer. It’s the first time she’s ever flown here by herself and came to stay with me. We had a blast and it just broke my heart that I couldn’t be there. The drive would have killed me.

I woke up the other day to a comment on one of my posts here. Someone else is offering us a place to stay on our trip. I do not know this person, and she is the second one to offer. I’m so touched! Every day I see more and more likes on the Facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaStoleMyKidney) and I got messages the past few days from people I don’t even know. The other donors are incredibly supportive and they comment and share some of my posts. As a Social Media person, this page is doing what it’s supposed to!

Some time this week, I get to talk to firemen in NYC. A friend of mine told me about a kidney donation between them and knows a couple of the guys. How cool would it be to sneak in some NYC firemen???!!! That’s America right there! My father was a volunteer firemen, so it will be pretty cool to see them. I will, of course, get pics with them because we all know how sexy they are. Hahaha!

Tomorrow, Jimmy and I work on the script. I’ve got a meeting on Wednesday with Dr. Jean Robey. She is TinyMom’s doctor and has given me a lot of advice, feedback, and motivation the past few weeks. I definitely need it!

I’m a bit overwhelmed, but I’m ok.

I’m a bit nervous, but I’m ok.

I’m excited, too, to share all of these stories with everyone.

Most of all, though, I’m humbled beyond words at the help and support I am getting.

This guy donated in 1980!

Word has been spreading about our documentary. Today, I logged into the email account I set up for it, and caught up on the emails. One of them was about a woman’s uncle who donated to her father (donor’s brother) in 1980. His name is Guy and he is now 72 years old. He was 40 when he donated, just like me!

Sadly, though the surgery was a success, his brother’s PKD didn’t take too kindly to the new kidney. He never made it out of intensive care and died right away. As he told me this, I broke down on the phone. I took a couple deep breaths, because I didn’t want him to hear me upset. Here’s a 72-year old man, who just got home for the day, talking to a stranger on the phone about something he did over 30 years ago.

I asked him some basic questions about the surgery. He was in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks. WEEKS! I was only there for 2 DAYS! He’s also got a pretty big scar. They used to take the kidney right out of your back, and the scar cut across the ribs. The healing from that was pretty brutal. He was back to work right when he left the hospital, but his soreness lingered for several months.

He’s not comfortable being filmed, and I’m ok with that. It was, however, great to talk to someone who had donated so long ago and is still living a happy, healthy life. He’s had one kidney since 1980.

People ask me a lot how I would have felt if TinyMom never went home after the surgery. I can’t bear to think about it. It’s not that I would think my kidney was wasted, which people ask me about a lot. It’s just that she’s my mom and I wouldn’t want to think anything badly about the donation process. I guess we were pretty lucky, but these surgeries are successful every day.

Don’t be scared. Guy’s 72!



The Mayo Clinic reunion was today!

Even though it’s been over 18 months since I donated, I’m still filled with emotion and overwhelmed whenever there is an event, especially at the Mayo Clinic. At the beginning, when they mention the various staff members, doctors, nurses, and advocates, I always start to cry. Some of those people were there for me – and still are – every step of the way.

The best part, though, is seeing the other donors who I’ve met through this whole process. One woman, Cindy, I met at my very last appointment at the Living Donor Network. We started talking about donating the next week, and when I asked her which day, it was the same day as our surgery. In fact, she donated two hours before me! It was a chance meeting, but destiny. I remember her coming to my room, the next morning after our surgeries, and I knew I’d be ok. She was up walking around and I was about to take my first walk. She looked so amazing and it made me feel so much better.

I also saw a friend who had two family members go through it last year.

Then, there was Rebecca. She started to follow me on Twitter after seeing our story on the news. She had a very sick aunt, and by me talking about it so much, she decided to take the plunge! She just donated 6 months ago. I went to the hospital that morning to hang out with all her family members while the surgery took place. I was so proud that someone else made such an important decision, but more than anything, I was so glad people were asking me questions about how she would do after the surgery.

People get sick of me talking about it. People say I did it for publicity. Guess what? THIS is the result of all that publicity (some of which was grueling!). THIS is why I have to make this film.