Staying inspired and motivated isn’t easy.

Last weekend, I spent 6 hours working on the itinerary and budget for the film. It’s a daunting task. I keep forgetting about things that will be needed. Thankfully, Dr. Robey has been there to help me and hear me vent. She’s got some great ideas!

January is going to be the big month. I’ve got a weekend of fundraisers lined up. I’ll be starting a Kickstarter campaign on the 1st. They give you 30 days (you can set it for more time, but statistically 30 days gets the best results.) I never really looked at the cost of this. In the beginning, I just figured we would raise enough to pay for gas and see what else we could get. I’m also hoping that my comedian friends in some of the cities we are visiting can hold a benefit show for us to be a part of the night we are in those cities. I’m excited. I’m exhausted. I’m overwhelmed.

I just watched “Craigslist Joe” on Netflix. I’m not feeling too well today, so I spent the day on the couch. It’s a cold/cough thing, and I know I got it from being run-down the past couple of weeks. It’s been pretty crazy with holiday parties, special events, and a little comedy thrown in. Anyway, this movie is about a guy who travels cross-country, relying solely on the kindness of Craiglist users to help him along the way. He got rides. He got places to say. He was fed. He met amazing people (and some crazy!) along the way. All I kept thinking about was what our trip will bring. Who we will meet. How each donor will impact my life. What the end product will look like. I cried.

I can’t wait to make this film to change the world’s perspective on live organ donation. I can’t wait to hear from people who donated because of seeing our film. I can’t wait to hear about the lives saved!

But most of all, I can’t wait to meet the other donors. I feel like I already know some of them. From Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and emails, I know these people. We haven’t met face-to-face yet, but it really doesn’t matter.

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