Why my VW Golf rules for #kidneydoc!

While we were beginning to plan this project last summer, we were hoping to get a dealership to sponsor us with a car for the trip. We tried a few dealerships, but didn’t hear back. We were stuck with my car. It’s a 2012, so in great condition and low miles, because I work from home. So, we borrowed a roof rack from my neighbor, got a cargo carrier, and put everything in the hatchback of my Golf. The only things on the roof rack were two suitcases. Well, on the way to Vegas, one of the straps broke. When we checked into the hotel, we saw the cargo carrier was ripped down one side. It had been a very windy ride, and with one strap broken, it moved a little on the roof. We had to ditch it and plan on packing everything into my car.
It’s a 2-door, so that’s even smaller than a regular Golf with 4 doors. Jimmy is over 6 feet tall. We have a LOT of stuff: film equipment, luggage, food, cooler. All of this is for a month-long trip. But, as we were packing to leave Vegas the next day, we got it all in there without obstructing any of the view out the back window. We filmed me packing it one morning. It was like playing Tetris!
This car rocks for #kidneydoc!


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