Overwhelmed with donors!

It’s amazing how people come out of the woodwork when they hear about our film. Today, I got a message, right on the home page, about a woman looking to donate. She’d gotten my information off Reddit. This is yet another example about how Social Media is a very real thing, with real people, doing real things.

Another man posted on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaStoleMyKidney) that he donated in Germany and would love for us to fly out there. Germany! While it’s not feasible, it just shows how word spreads in Social Media land.

I wish that my Director, James, and I could just keep going, keep traveling, to meet these other donors. We will be away from home for a month as it is already. Well, sort of away from home, because I look at these other donors as family. I’ve built solid relationships with many of them and I just cannot wait to meet them in person! They’ve also helped me in the past few months to share some of our ideas and get feedback. Their support is what’s getting me through this right now.

Making a film is a truly grueling process. On the days we get together to work, I’m completely drained at the end of the night. We’ve got to start working on a basic script for me to follow as the interviewer. We’d also like to perform (we are both comedians) in some of the cities to help raise more funds for the trip.

I have a graphic designer working on the T-shirt logo, and it’s pretty cool. I’ll be posting that as soon as I have the finished product.

I’ve also been documenting everything in a journal. Who knows, maybe this film will sell and I could include a copy of the journal along with it!

Thanks so much, EVERYONE, but making me believe that this project will be worth it!!!


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