2 weeks and counting!

I cannot believe that two weeks from this very moment, we will be filming the Vegas donor! We’ve had to be flexible in some of our plans due to fundraising, but that’s ok!
We had to take the Calgary part out of the trip, but will fly Lauren into Bellingham while we are there. It’s cheaper and in the long run, it saves us over $1000.
We didn’t get very lucky with a car sponsorship, but it’s ok. My car is new, it’s just small. I drive a VW Golf 2-door hatchback. It’s a 2012, so it has very little miles on it. We will just have to get a roof rack for our luggage, so we have room for all the filming equipment inside the car. Using my own car will also feel more comfortable and the gas won’t cost as much.
We had to add an extra day into our time in LA, too. We’ll be getting some press there. We even get to hang out in the green room of Jimmy Kimmel Live! His sister Jill is one of my closest friends and just blurted it out last night while we were catching up on the phone. I guess Russell Brand is there that night. No big deal. Hahahaha!
So, we are down to 14 days. 14 days after 9 months of planning. OMG. 14 days!!!

14 days

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    1. fabamy

      NO!!!! We just want to sit back and have fun for this. I’d never take advantage of the opportunity we already have. Thanks, though! 😀


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