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I’m a match! Now what? (February 6, 2011)

I finally got the news Friday afternoon that my blood was a match to the recipient to donate my kidney.  I started crying at my desk instantly.  I’d been waiting for over a week to find out and I was just so relieved.

Now, the real testing starts.  I’ve got to get a CAT scan on my kidneys, a mammogram, a pap smear and a few others.  I’ve never had a CAT scan.  Isn’t that the one where you have to lie still for awhile?  How the Hell am I gonna do that?????

I’ve written a few friends who have media connections.  I met a girl at a gig last week who is young, about 20 (I think) and needs a lung transplant.  She’s on state aid and the governor cut benefits so that they don’t cover a transplant.  What???????  Does that even make sense?  It doesn’t.  I am doing a benefit for her next month to try to help raise funds to get her better.  She’s at 25% of her lung capacity and on a wait list that is years long.  It’s just not fair.

My friend Kirti’s mom is getting my kidney.  Luckily, they have full health insurance.  I think, though, that people need to be aware of how easy it is to be a live donor.  Yeah, the tests will be somewhat time-consuming, but that’s about it.  The recovery time in the hospital is two days.  Medicine has changed a LOT over the past two decades and with lasers, things heal much more quickly.  I’m not worried at all.  I’m anxious for it to finally happen, but I know it will take time and I just have to be patient.

My first blood test (January 27, 2011)

Today, I had to give blood to see if I am a match to donate to my friend’s mom.  (#tinymom)

They took 6 tubes out of me today!  It will take about a week to see if I am a match.  I remember them saying something about giving some of it to her to make sure she doesn’t reject it, but I forgot to ask about that part today.

I just really want this to happen!

How my kidney donation began (January 2011 blog post)

I am migrating my kidney donation blogs over here so that everything is in one place for you to read about my journey. This one is from January 2011.

I’ve got a good friend whose mother is really sick.  Her kidneys are failing miserably and she’s on a wait list to get a new kidney.  The list is 6 years long.  She won’t live to see that.

So, I figured, “Why not?”  I mean, I have two perfectly good kidneys.  I’m healthy, don’t drink or do drugs.  I don’t need both of them.  Might as well try.

There are a few reasons why I feel so strongly about this.  The first, of course, is that I’ve seen my friend worried for awhile about her mom.  I know if I were in the same situation, I would feel the same.  She’s not a match and can’t donate her own kidney.

Secondly, it reminds me of how I felt when my father was dying.  He had cancer twice and made it through with chemotherapy and radiation.  But the third time kicked his ass.  I was completely helpless; there was absolutely nothing I could do except wait for him to die.  He died just about 8 years ago, on the day before my birthday.  It was heartbreaking, not being able to help at ALL.  I know if there had been some way that SOMEBODY, anybody, could have helped, it would have happened if people knew about it.  He was only 57 when he died.  I had to tell him, via cell phone, that I would miss him when he died.  I had just started doing comedy and he had hoped to come out and see me perform someday.  He died before he got the chance.

Thirdly, it’s a good deed.  I’m a good person.  Why not?  They’ve filled my karma bucket, just for attempting to try to help out.  If I’m not a match, I will do everything in my power to get the word out on the importance of live organ donating.  Maybe that will get someone else who’s a match.

Oh, and for the rest of my life, I can use that as a comeback to anyone who says anything bad about me.  I am joking, of course.  Sort of.

So, do some research.  Think about it.  With surgery advances, it’s not a difficult operation.  I will be walking THAT DAY.

This week, I get some tests done to see if I’m a match.  They have to take some of my blood and give it to her to see if it makes her sick or not.  We’ll go from there.

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So, I’m making a documentary about my kidney donation.

I haven’t been doing much comedy lately. I think I may be pretty much done with it. I’ve been doing it for 9.5 years here in Phoenix, and without a move to L.A., there’s really not anywhere I can go. I’ve spent a lot of time and hard work to build a following, and I appreciate every person who’s come to see my shows. Maybe I just need a break. Anyway…

I’m going to start working on a documentary. Since I volunteered to donate my kidney, and much more since the surgery, I’ve connected with dozens of other donors via Social Media. Surprise, right? Hahaha!

I am putting together a plan to travel cross-country to meet some of these other donors. I want to raise awareness of live organ donation, and I think when people see we are from all walks of life, they may be less scared.

Hearing others talk about it may help. I know my friends/followers/fans are probably sick of hearing about it from me, so I thought other voices and stories would be a great idea.

I’ve got a good friend who’s done a few films to do the trip with me and document everything on camera. My ideas are big. I have a client who is a car dealership. I’d love to have them sponsor me with a car to use. I have a brand new car, but they are such great clients that I know it would also be great publicity for them. I’d also like to get a decent hotel chain to back me up with stays during my trip. Maybe a national (decent) restaurant chain. My mind is reeling with ideas. I know I won’t be able to do it until next Spring, but it gives me time to plan.

I’m going to need funds, too. I’ll be having a lot of cool events and a website set up. The important part is not for me to make money while filming, it’s to get me to as many people as possible to get the word out. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this, because I know it will be a success. I know it will save lives. I certainly don’t need the publicity for myself, but there are other TinyMoms out there who need YOUR help.

If you come up with any great ideas, or have any connections to help me do this, please share them with me! You can email me at if you aren’t comfortable posting it publicly here as a comment.

Thank you everyone! You’ve all been there for the past 18 months for me. Let’s make the next 18 months the ones that will change the world.

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