Day 2 of #Kidneydoc

Checking out of the hotel in Vegas, we had the nicest bellman from Sudan. He asked us all sorts of questions and was completely fascinated with what we are doing.
As we started to pack the car, an older guy came out and said “Are you gonna fit all that in there?” Well, we had to. The cargo carrier for the top of the car ripped and one of the straps broke on the way from Phoenix. It only had two suitcases in it, so we just moved some stuff around and got it in. The ride to LA was much smoother without it, too.
We didn’t have anyone scheduled to film today, which was good. My friend Jill got us into the green room for Jimmy Kimmel Live! It’s her brother, and when any of us comedians come to LA, she gets us on the list. It was so fun! We met some really cool people, too.
Got our day planned for tomorrow. In the morning, we have breakfast with Alonzo Bodden, then film him. We had wanted a recent donor, and he just donated 5 weeks ago. He’s been really supportive of #kidneychat, and even talked about me on his podcast.
We then go to Pasadena to interview Karol and Jenna. That one is going to be pretty emotional, as Jenna is going to need a second transplant. She’s only 24 and her kidney function is down to 10%. It’s something everyone needs to see, though.
We head to Salt Lake City Saturday morning.
Each stop makes me so excited to meet all these people who I have known via Social Media for 2+ years!


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    1. Melody Gailey Lowry

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the “Green Room” and the LA trip.The next interview sounds intense and emotional. We’ll be sending positive energy and strength. Looking forward to the next blog.


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